Rolite All-Surface Cleaner – 5 gal.


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Rolite All-Surface Cleaner

Cleans, Shines, and Protects – unique formulation that instantly cleans ALL surfaces, including: aluminum, carbon, chrome, stainless steel, clear coats, fiberglass, gel coats, glass, painted surfaces, rubber, granite, marble, quartz, vinyl, plastic, acrylic, plexiglas®, lexan®, mylar®, polycarbonate and much more. Repels dust and static and helps to protect from fingerprints and scratches without leaving an oily or greasy residue. Not recommended on fabric or suede leather. DO NOT use on vehicle controls such as steering wheels, handlebars, throttles, brake/gas pedals, motorcycle/personal watercraft seats, and surfaces critical to safe operation.

Directions: SHAKE WELL. Intended for refill purposes. For small areas or electronics, wipe directly onto cloth, lightly covering area. For best results, use a clean, dry microfiber cloth. Wipe Rolite All-Surface Cleaner until residue is removed. Turn cloth over to a dry area and lightly buff the surface until all residue disappears. Causes slippery surfaces which should be wiped until dry.


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